WordPress Plugins To Grow Your Blog

In addition to the handful of must-have WordPress plugins I listed, there are several more which you should consider installing.

These are a variety of plugins which help to manage and protect your blog, and increase blog traffic and readers.

WordPress Plugins To Grow Your Blog
WordPress Plugins To Grow Your Blog

They are easy to install and takes only a minute to set up. They are well worth your time.

  1. Related Posts
    Lets you add a list of posts with related topics at the end of a post. This is useful to lead readers on to other posts in your blog.
  2. Comment Email Responder
    Allows you to simultaneously send an email to someone who made a comment when you reply in the comment box. This adds a nice personal touch.
  3. Add Sign
    You can add up to 3 signatures at the end of each post. They could be advertising links or a call to subscribe to your blog.
  4. Show Top Commentators
    Shows a list of the top commentators in your blog. It also encourages people to comment because it gives a link back to their blogs.
  5. WordPress Database Backup
    Safeguard your blog by using this convenient plugin which lets you backup your database with one click right from your WordPress “Manage” menu.
  6. ST Add Related Posts To Feed
    This has a similar function to “Related Posts” where it adds a list of links to similar posts in your blog, encouraging readers to visit your blog to read other posts.
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