Ways To Create Blog Content in 2020

There are several ways to create blog content, an important part of successful blogging since blog content directly affects blog traffic. You could use any or all of the following methods to create content but one thing you must never do is to take someone else’s content and put it on your own blog without permission. That’s called splogging – basically it’s stealing.

The Best Ways To Create Blog Content in 2020 - Blogger or WordPress
ways to create blog cotent

Here are various tips beginner bloggers can use to create content:

1. Use Free Articles From Article Directories

Using free articles from article directories is not advisable for several reasons. The articles require you to leave the authors’ links at the end of the articles intact which in effect means you are promoting the article authors and putting an exit link for readers to leave your site.

Free articles are used by many people and duplicate content is penalized by search engines. However, article directories are great places to source for reference and ideas for posts.

2. Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Articles

PLR articles allow you to publish them on your blog without author rights however, they have the same problem of duplicate content just like free articles.

The only difference is that you are often not required to have an author by-line at the end of the article. Most free Private Label Rights articles are not very good quality. So you will most likely have to go through lots of articles to find something usable.

PLR articles which are of higher quality are not free but are less costly than hiring a freelance writer.

Quality PLR articles are often packaged as many articles on a topic selling for a flat fee. The incidence of duplicate content is also reduced. There are also membership sites where you pay a monthly subscription.

3. Rewrite Free And PLR Articles

Changing and rewriting free and PLR articles to create a repackaged article is quite a good way to create content. It takes the work out of writing an article from scratch by providing a base of information which you can modify and add on to create your own unique article.

Re-writing PLR articles could be a good compromise provided you are able to source for quality PLR articles.

4. Hire Freelance Writers

Hiring freelance writers can become costly in the long run. Freelance writers charge $10 to $20 per 500 word article but the quality is usually very good and it frees you to do blog marketing and promotion.

5. Write Articles Yourself

Of these methods, the best one would obviously to write the articles yourself as the articles would be unique and in your own voice.

How Often Should You Post in Blog?

Posting too many times a day just turns readers off while posting once or twice a week is considered too infrequent and readers may just stop visiting your blog. Once you have created 10 to 20 posts, you can start blogging by posting 1 post a day.

How Long Should A Post Be?

Some bloggers advocate long posts of 1,000 words or more. This may be too overwhelming for new bloggers. With so much information available everyday, information overload is becoming a big obstacle in reaching and retaining readers.

Readers have become very selective about what they spend their time on and would much rather read a short post that is useful or insightful than a long, thousand-word post that doesn’t offer anything new. Quality always trumps quantity.

When your visitor statistics reach a comfortable number, you can then experiment by having long and short posts at different frequencies.

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