How to Track Your Pokémon Card Collection in Notion?

Pokémon TCG collectors are always on the lookout for new ways to inventory their collections, and Notion has been a game changer in our quest. The app not only allows you track cards by type or  strategic impulse buying binge building it also provides insights into how many copies each set was released with as well!

It’s easy enough that even kids can use this tool (and they will) but there might be times when we need more control over what information gets shown during inspections here in this post you will learn to Track Your Pokémon Card Collection in Notion.

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How to Track Your Pokémon Card Collection in Notion?

Pokémon collectors need to keep track of four main pieces: their Pokémon Set (the complete set including all cards), Card Name and Number as well as Type. Other data that may be important is how much you paid for it or when, but these are just the basics!

pokemon collection tracker in notion

We’ve added quantity to the mix in our collection tracker, because we are opening a considerable amount of packs at present thanks largely due recent release Vivid Voltage and duplicates happen (unfortunately) for course.

We can use the Special column to keep track of all ‘special’ cards, like Full Art and Secret Rare. This data will allow us create a custom view – showcasing only these particular types!

Vivid Voltage is a great way to get involved with the world of gaming. You can filter by set or option, and we even have one custom view for you!

Vivid Voltage

One of Notion Wizard’s friends, for example, prefers to order their cards by set (much sacrilege we know). With the power of Notion’s database feature, the possibilities are endless; there are millions of connections accessible.

This means you can use it at home and on the road, updating it as new cards are added and old ones get retired.

Once you’ve completed that, start filling it in with the specifics of your collection, and add new columns and properties as needed. This is when you may record any additional information such as purchase price, market price, current grade, and so on.

How to Install the Pokémon Collection Tracker Template

Adding the Pokémon Collection Tracker template to your Notion workspace is simple.

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Right-click any card and choose ‘Duplicate’ from the drop-down menu. You’re ready to go after that. The Kanban Board will now be visible in your Workspace.

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