20 Killer Tips For Buying One Way Links

The more one way backlinks you can get for your blog, the higher authority it will have with search engines resulting in your site getting listed higher in search engine results pages or SERPS.

20 Killer Tips For Buying One Way Links

Apart from using great content and creating linkbait to get one way links and increase blog traffic, there are more direct methods of getting direct one way links. Methods such as buying links from a blog network, submitting your blog and posts to web directories, article marketing and social bookmarking sites.

However, sometimes these methods used to obtain one way backlinks can either end up harming rather than helping your blog or are just useless links. Here are some things to take note if you are using any of these methods to get one way back links.

Buying Links On A Blog Network

  1. If you are buying links on a bog network, make sure the blogs are on unique C-class IP addresses meaning they are hosted on different web hosting servers. A large number of blogs that link to each other on the same server will be seen as a link farm.
  2. If you are submitting articles to these blogs with anchor text links pointing back to your blog, have the articles rewritten in as many versions as possible since these articles will be viewed as duplicate content by search engines and will harm your blog.
  3. Ideally, these blogs should be in niches related to your blog and your anchor text links are “dofollow” links to allow pagerank to be passed on.
  4. Another point to note is that adding links gradually is preferable to gaining several hundred links in a few days.

Submitting Your Blog To Web Directories

  1. Many web directories have high pagerank but your blog url is listed on a sub-category page which won’t have as high pagerank. In fact many have zero pagerank but it can still be useful to get listed just to increase the number of backlinks.
  2. Check to see if the web directory you are submitting to has SEO friendly links. There are several sites which list SEO friendly directories.
  3. Submitting to web directories generally do not pose the problem of gaining many links too suddenly since many directories take anywhere from 1 to 3 months to include your link.
  4. But be sure to vary your site title and description. Many directory submission services allow up to 5 different titles and descriptions.

Using Article Marketing

  1. If your main aim is for better SERPs, submit to directories that allow html links with “dofollow” tags or that are SEO friendly. Most online article submission services used for article marketing to increase backlinks allow 3 or 4 anchor text links in the author’s resource box at the end of each article.
  2. But these links would be useless if the article directories are not SEO friendly. An example is the largest and most popular article directory, EzineArticles whose html links do nothing for SEO although they are still useful for driving traffic to your blog.
  3. Worse still are article directories that remove your html links altogether. If you use an article submission service such as iSnare or Article Marketer, chances are that your article will end up on some of these non-html directories since you have no control over where your articles go.
  4. If you are using Firefox, you can install the “Search Status” plugin that indicates “dofollow” links.
  5. Alternatively, there are article submission services that submit to SEO friendly article directories although they may cost more on a per article basis.

Submitting Blog Posts To Social Bookmarking Sites

  1. Social bookmarking sites are primarily used to increase blog traffic but if the sites allow “dofollow” tags in their links back to your blog, they are useful for improving blog SERPs.

Submission Services On A Budget

  1. Professional submission services can be costly as many require you to subscribe on a monthly basis. So what can you do if you are just starting out and don’t have a big budget?
  2. You don’t have to do your submissions manually although many swear that it is the best way since it is slow and adds links naturally. It is also very time consuming if you have many posts to submit. Your time could be better spent on other tasks such as writing articles or blog posts.
  3. There are many submission services offered at DP Forums under the “Services” section. Be sure to check out the seller’s rating first or read other people’s reviews for the service before buying.

Article Submitter And Directory Submitter Software

  1. Alternatively, you can get your own article submitter software and directory submitter software. These software automate many of the tasks such as pre-filling in forms and categories so that submission becomes very fast.
  2. The good thing is that you just make a one time payment and the software can be used for as many submissions as you want. Another major advantage is that you can select the directories you want to submit to and build one way links gradually.

If you use the above link building methods diligently over a period of time, you can increase your one way back links to succeed in better SERP results for your blog.

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