Simplified SEO For Beginner Bloggers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an aspect of blogging that affects blog traffic which beginner bloggers often ignore.

Simplified SEO For Beginner Bloggers
Simplified SEO For Beginner Bloggers

By applying some basic principles of SEO, you can increase your blog traffic.

Here are some fundamental SEO tips for beginners which you will come across time and again:

  1. Include An Important Keyword In Your Domain Name
    Having a main relevant keyword in your domain name helps search engines find and rank your blog higher.
    For example, if your blog is about making money online, have the word “money” in your domain name.
  2. Include An Important Keyword In The Post Title
    For the make money online niche, common words would include “money”, “online” and “earn”.
  3. Use Related Keywords In Posts
    When writing posts, bear in mind related keywords and phrases which you can use.
  4. Use Keywords As Anchor Text
    Anchor text are words which are used to link to another page, either within your own blog or to another blog.
  5. Create Relevant Categories Using Keywords
    Categories in your blog navigation should include keywords.
  6. Get Quality Back Links
    Visit high traffic blogs in the same niche and leave comments. Link to an article from another blog (trackback) in your post.
    A PageRank 4 link from a blog that’s considered less authoritative by search engines may not be as beneficial as a PageRank 3 link from another blog that’s more authoritative.
  7. Make Relevant Posts
    Posts should be mostly relevant to your blog topic so that they contain relevant keywords and phrases which would be hard to include in off-topic post.

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