Linkbait Tips And Tricks

One of the most powerful ways to get blog traffic and one way backlinks from other blogs is to create linkbait posts. These posts may make people react favourably or unfavourably but the point is to get a strong enough reaction.

Linkbait Tips And Tricks
Linkbait Tips And Tricks

Linkbait Hooks

There are 5 main types of linkbait hooks that make people want to link to or vote for your article :

  1. Humour
    This is the easiest approach because it can be used for images, a top 10 list, a how to article and just about anything else you can think of. You can get away with saying pretty much anything under the humour guise.
  2. Resource
    Create a list of useful resources such as Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites or a how-to article that people will link to for reference. It can also be a list of your favourite posts in your niche that you recommend to readers. Your links out to these various posts will also get blog owners to check out your post about them.
  3. Contrary
    When everyone is singing praises about the latest big thing in your niche such as a widget that promises traffic, be the one voice that says the widget is crap and doomed to failure. Sometimes, you can even be right, as is what happened with Agloco – the once most talked-about money making programme that is now offically dead.
  4. Attack
    You need to have very thick skin to carry out an attack because you’re likely to meet an equal and opposite response as did Techcrunch when it called people who wrote for paid review sites “pathetic” and got what no doubt was intended – several hundred comments and links.
  5. News
    This has the highest level of difficulty since it calls for a genuine scoop. You are the first person to post about something and as a result, everyone follows your lead and links to your story. You could also expose something to be a fraud for example, some one ran a scam blog contest.

Linkbait Formats

Effective link bait comes with a certain format. Your linkbait post may already contain potentially explosive content but you can do more to make sure that it creates even more impact.

Write a killer headline that not only attracts readers but compels them to click on it and read your article.

Make your idea extreme so you will get more reactions and as a result, more links.

Make your linkbait look comprehensive by including research, statistics, further reading resources. Link out to related resources from within your content to add credibility. It makes your story look well researched and associates your work with other trusted names or brands in your niche.

Dress up your linkbait using quality design and relevant images – as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words not to mention that it makes your post visually more attractive to read.

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