How to view word count in Notion?

A Notion is a writing tool. It lets you create useful notes and curate them in the best way possible. It is mostly for writing notes but it is not limited to notes. You can do many things. The versatility notion provides under the same tool sometimes blows the minds of many notion users.

The notion has many features which are enticing for any person to choose over other note-taking tools. Notion allows you to create different things in itself like Habit tracker, Project Tracker, Todo Lists, Assignments, Ebooks, Blog posts, and so on.

Some awesome notion elements include board, advanced tables, checkbox, reminders, embedding system, linking pages, and so on. These elements and features when combined together create a powerful tool that can help us in various ways.

Not only that, it allows you to create real-time to do with reminders.It allows multiple people to collaborate in the same project(Notion page) if required.It allows you to create Pdf, markdowns, CSV, and so on directly from the Notion page.

You can easily write books, assignments, college projects, proposals, Statements of work, etc. In fact, it is widely used by many people in their day-to-day formal and informal writing activities.The best part about using Notion is that it is free for most of the things, and costs very cheap for additional features.

When it comes to writing, word count sometimes becomes the most important metric. Like for writing a credible article, an article with more word count is preferred and trusted over an article with a low word count.

Sometimes even you yourself may have set a goal for yourself saying that you will write a certain number of words every day. In such cases, word count is very important to track.The Search Engine Crawlers also prefer an article of high word count over low word count. So, Tracking word count is important in some cases.

Why it is important to track words?

When writing a blog post, a writer needs to track word count for SEOs and stuff. Although it is not used for other activities, word count plays a crucial role for blog publishers.Luckily, Notion has a word count feature too. Although, it is not obviously visible in the UI you can view the word count on the notion page.

Word count is a very important metric in the world of publishing. Search Engines prefer longer-length articles over a short length. Some situations have certain word count criteria for submitting projects, speeches, essays, and so on.

How to track word count in Notion?

Tracking a word count in notion is easy. However, you have to keep in mind, the notion only shows the total word count on the page.

You have no additional feature about word count as the word count of selected text.  You may have to use an additional tool like a chrome extension or another word processing SaaS like Google Docs, etc. The notion simply shows the total word count of the page, thats it.

The notion does not show word count directly in the UI. You have to see it through the following process.

Step 1: On your notion page, click on the … option on the top-right corner of the Notion page.

word count in notion

Step 2:After clicking, there a context menu will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the context menu.

Step 3:At the bottom of the context menu, you will see the word count

context menu in notion

Simple as that, although it’s not easy compared to other word processing saas.

Now you can track words whether it be for writing long-length articles or your daily writing goals. The notion can easily be of help in such cases.

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