How to set reminder in notion?(easy way)

This is an digital era if you want to succeed you need to work smarter inorder to get desired result,you need to follow your schedule according to your routine and in that case you need productivity app which will help you to organize your task easily .

Most of the advanced features of such apps allows users to set reminder which allows to remind user according to the time set. Notion is awesome app which has minimal dashboard tons of features and it allows to change fonts,integrate with 3rd party like Google drive,Github,loom etc.

Notion is a all-in-one versatile note taking tool which can be used for different tasks like creating to-do lists, project management, team management, content management,College templates. or even as a simple database.

Reminder In Notion

Whenever you are working on Notion by creating lists, table, papers you want to assign a time so that you don’t forget about it. Notion reminder will remind you once you set the reminder’s time and date. The most ideal use of putting a reminder would be in a Todo-List.

Adding a reminder in a Notion page is easy than it sounds.

How To Set A Reminder In Notion?

Step 1: Create a Notion Page: Open Notion, Click on  “+ New Page” on the bottom of left sidebar

creating notion page

Step 2:Go to a body of notion page: Click on the body of the notion page

Step 3:Type “@remind”. Press Enter

remainder setting in notion

Step 4:Select the time and date of the day you want to be reminded on
choosing date to set reminder in notion

Step 5:Click “Enter” on the page

Step 6:You have successfully set the Reminder on the page

[su_note note_color=”#fff5c7″ text_color=”#000000″]Note: You can add multiple reminders in one single Notion page.[/su_note]

Reminder’s Options

You can also add reminder of different options like

  • On the day of event
  • 1 day before event
  • 2 days before event
  • 1 week before event

[su_note note_color=”#fff5c7″ text_color=”#000000″]Note: If reminder’s date is crossed then, it will turn into red colors. A valid reminder will be blue in color, whereas a invalid reminder will be red in color like shown below:[/su_note]

reminder in notion

Reminder’s Date Format and Timezone

You can customize the reminder’s date format and timezone by clicking on the reminder.

A context menu will appear and click on the Date Format and Timezone option
reminder option

Different options will be provided, select the one you want to use

How to add Recurring Reminder In Notion?

Recurring reminder is a reminder that will occur every day. It is very easy to add a recurring reminder in notion.

  • You just have to add a normal reminder in notion following above steps.
  • To make it recurring reminder, add End date in reminder.
  • You can add End Date in reminder by clicking the reminder.


  1. A context menu will appear. On context menu, toggle End Date Option
  2. After toggling it, you will be provided an input field to enter the End date.
  3. Add the End date, and the reminder will recur from the start date to end date, everyday.

How to add a Reminder in a Certain Time in Notion?

You can not only specify the date of reminder but also specify any time in a day.

To add a certain time in a reminder.

Step 1: First of all, create a simple reminder by following the above steps.

Step 2: After the reminder is created, click on the reminder and a context menu will appear.

Step 3: Toggle the option Include Time in the context menu.

Toggle the option :Include Time

Step 4: And you will be provided an input field to input the time.

toggle option  ,set reminder in notion


Step 5: Enter the time and save it. and you have successfully added time in the reminder.

Application of Notion’s  Reminder?

Now, you may have a confusion of a useful case for Notion’s reminder feature. You can add reminder in your notion page for following reasons:

  • Add reminder to a task list
  • Add reminder to a todo
  • Add reminder to a daily routine


How to remove the Notion’s reminder?

To remove notion’s reminder. You simply remove the content from notion page.

Can we add multiple reminder in Notion?

Yes, You can add any number of reminders in Notion page. Each reminder is independent of each other.

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