How To Get Blog Traffic With Power Comments.

One of the easiest ways for beginner bloggers to drive traffic AND get a link to your blog is to comment on other blogs in your niche. For example, this blog links to other blogs about making money online. Some blogs pass on some link value – more popularly known as link juice – to your blog.

But whether or not link juice is passed, leaving comments is great way to establish some kind of communication with not only the blog owner, but also other people who leave comments. It also serves as your calling card, your point of contact in the blogosphere.

How To Get Blog Traffic With Power Comments.
Get Blog Traffic With Power Comments.

Leave Quality Comments Over Quantity

You may think it is a necessity to visit as many blogs as possible sprinkling comments as widely as possible in order to drive traffic to your blog.

This is a common misconception. That’s why you see so many comments that are no better than spam and one or two useless sentences that do not offer any insight nor contribute to the post in any way.

Give Intelligent Comments

When you read a post that you can respond to, try and offer another perspective or opinion to the article instead of making comments such as “Great post!”. It’s not just a waste of time, it also does nothing for driving traffic to your blog.

Leaving comments is your chance of creating an impression of yourself to the blog owner and the many thousands of readers of the blog. Why not use the opportunity to create a such positive impression that you stand out from the crowd? If you stand out from the crowd, you get noticed and you get more clicks to your blog.

Concentrate On A Few Blogs

By all means, find as many blogs as you can to comment on in the beginning. But instead of blog hopping indiscriminately all the time, when you come across a blog that you enjoy, shortlist it to be a regular blog that you visit. Pick popular blogs that have similar or complimentary topics to your own blog. Aim for blogs where the main blogger is the blog owner and not a large network type blog.

If you concentrate on a number of popular blogs to leave intelligent comments often, you will get noticed by the blog owner who might even check out your blog and link to it. It is a way of opening a channel of communication with popular bloggers who might otherwise never acknowledge you.

Be A Power Commentor

Strive to be a commentor who always makes powerful comments. Keep at it long enough and your reputation will grow as someone whose opinion is to be respected. If will also become easier to network with other bloggers who have come to know you from the many great comments you make.

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