How to delete notion templates?

The notion is an all-in-one note-taking collaboration tool that is mostly used for creating & curating information. The Notion is an all-in-one versatile workplace that is used for note-taking & project management. The notion is a very powerful productivity tool that is used for tons of purposes.

Notion provides the necessary elements to write attractive notes. Thus, it is popular for writing journals, documentations, to-do lists, wiki pages, personal diaries, creating lists, habit trackers, professional resumes, notion templates for students and others. Notion allows converting pages into pdf with one click which makes its creators (ebook writers) love notion much more.

Notion handles all the tasks within itself so the user doesn’t have to use another platform for another task. You can create many pages in notion and link the pages with each other which makes the notion suitable for blogging as well.

The notion also provides a collaborative workspace to work with our team members. You can work hand-in-hand with your clients in the same workspace.

How to delete Notion templates?

For deleting the notion template, follow the following steps

Step 1: On the left sidebar, there are a list of your notion templates, hover on the one you want to delete
Step 2: After hovering, you will see two buttons (… and +), click on the “…” button

settings in notion,how to delete notion templates

Step 3: After clicking on the “…” button, a context menu appears
Step 4: On the context menu, there is a “Delete” option on the top

deleting in notion
deleting in notion

Step 5: Click on “Delete“, your notion template is moved to trash

If you want to delete it permanently, you can delete the template from the trash too.

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Help! I Accidently deleted my Notion account

Deleting a notion account can be scary. All the files, papers, articles, notes of so many years of hard work and dedication will be automatically gone into vain. If you accidentally deleted the notion account, and want to recover immediately. Then you are fine.

Notion keeps the user data for a little less than a month even after the user deleted the account. For recovering your notion account, write an email to Notion Community Support [email protected]  explaining the issue.

Make sure you send the email with the email address that was linked to your notion account.

[su_note note_color=”#fff5c7″ text_color=”#000000″]Note: But if you have deleted for more than 30 days. I am sorry, you are out of luck[/su_note]

How to delete workspace on Notion?

Notion workspace is where you create and organize notion files.  For deleting the workspace

Step 1 : Click on settings & member in your left sidebar

Settings in notion

Step 2 : Now, click on the setting tab

Step 3: Scroll down till the heading Danzer Zone comes
Step 4: Click on Delete Entire workspace, You will be asked the name of the workspace
Step 5: Enter the name of your workspace and click on the Delete Button

[su_note note_color=”#fff5c7″ text_color=”#000000″]Note: This action cannot be undone. Be careful while deleting the workspace[/su_note]

How to leave a workspace on Notion?

At first, switch to the workspace you want to leave. After you switch to that workspace


Step 1 : Now, click on the setting tab

Step 2 : Scroll down till the heading Danzer Zone comes
Step 3 : Click on Leave Workspace
Step 4 : A confirmation will appear, Click on Leave

Now, you’ve successfully left the workspace.


How to delete the Notion account on Android?

Unfortunately, you cannot delete the notion account on android yet. Even if you go to settings, you won’t see the option to delete it.

You must open your notion account on a desktop or you need to use Chrome to delete it.

How to delete the Notion account on iPhone?

You can only delete the notion account from the desktop version. You cannot perform that action from iPhone

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