How to delete myfitnesspal account

Myfitnesspal is a great tool for tracking your fitness goals and progress. It allows you to set calorie goals, track your food and exercise, and see your progress over time. It also has a large database of foods, so you can easily find the calorie counts for what you’re eating. The app is free to download and use, and it’s available for iOS and Android devices.

MyFitnessPal account

Have you had enough of MyFitnessPal and want to delete your account? Maybe you’re finding it hard to stick to your diet or exercise plan, and you think deleting your account is the best way to start fresh.

Whatever your reason, deleting your MyFitnessPal account is a fairly straightforward process. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it. Let’s get started!

Reason to delete my fitnesspal account:

  1. Not seeing results
  2. Not using it regularly
  3. Finding it hard to stick to my diet or exercise plan
  4. Want to start fresh
  5. Concerned about your privacy

How to delete myfitnesspal account

Step 1:Login to your myfitnesspal account


Step 2:go to hamburg menu and choose settings

hamburg menu

Step 3: after choosing settings go to delete account

 delete Myfitnesspal account

Step 4:when you click on delete account you need to reenter password enter that

reenter password

Step 5:There will be confirmation box whether you want to delete or not.

delete or not in myfitnesspal

Step 6:If you are sure then press delete


Can I delete MyFitnessPal and start over?

Yes, it is possible to delete your MyFitnessPal account and start over. If you are not happy with your current progress or simply want to start fresh, deleting your account and starting over may be the best option for you. Keep in mind, however, that all of your data will be lost when you delete your account.

What happens when you delete MyFitnessPal account?

When you delete your MyFitnessPal account, all of your data will be permanently deleted from their servers. It includes your food and exercise diary, weight history, body measurements, goals, settings, and Friends.


So there you have it. Deleting your MyFitnessPal account is a pretty straightforward process, but if you still have any questions or run into any problems, feel free to reach out to us for help. Thanks for reading

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