How to create a Habit Tracker in Notion?

Habits are the set of tasks we perform on a repeated pattern within a certain period of time. Habits can be good as well as bad. Good habits are beneficial to us whereas bad habits are harmful. We as an individual should audit each and every habit to see where our life is heading.

So, It is necessary to track our habits, add good habits and remove bad habits.

Why Should We Track Our Habits?

We human beings are creatures of habits. We cannot solve the problem directly. We depend on our daily habits to solve any specific problem.

If I want to lift heavy weights, the habit of lifting regularly makes it easy for me to lift heavy weights.

If I want to fight a disease, the healthy habit across my daily life will build immunity that will fight the disease.

If we stack healthy habits across our daily life, It will have infinite ROI in the long run.

Likewise, if we stack bad habits then it can put us in a serious problem which may make our life worse. So, It is extremely necessary for us to track our daily habits in our life. Habits can build us or destroy us. Our every habit should be taken into consideration if we want to live a quality life and achieve our goals.

Why Should We Use Notion To Track Our Habits?

A notion is an awesome tool for many reasons. And being the productivity tool, which helps you do almost any task you want to do is one of them.

Notion allows you to create a beautiful habit tracker, in a matter of minutes. It’s awesome how fast notion helps you build things that will allow you to track habits, create to-do lists, create beautiful notes, write appealing ebooks, documentations, and so on.

Building A Habit Tracker In Notion?

Creating a Habit Tracker in Notion is very easy. I will guide you step by step on how to create one.

Step 1:First of all, create a new Notion Page and give it a Title (ex: Habit Tracker)

Step 2:Create an Inline Table

Step 3:After creating a table, rename the first column of the table into Day and the second one into Date.

[su_note note_color=”#fff5c7″ text_color=”#000000″]Note: You can also name first as Date, and second as Day. The order does not really matter, name it as you feel convenient.[/su_note] 

Step 4:Now any other additional column header in the table should be your task name.

For example: Sleep for 8 hours, code for 2 hours, drink 4litres water, workout, etc.It can be any habit you want to set.

So, after you add a few tasks, your habit tracker will look something like this

Now as you can see, there is empty input filed in the tasks column. But you want to add a checkbox on those fields.

Step 5:Click on the icon next to the column header, and select the checkbox option after clicking on select properties.

Step 6:A checkbox will appear in each field where you can tick and untick it.

Step 7:After turning every column type of task into a checkbox, your table will have appearance as such

Note: You can add as many habits as you want into the table and track them separately.

Now you can tick and untick each column every day to track your habits. Congratulations, You have created a basic habit tracker for yourself on Notion within a minute. But If you don’t want to create yourself, Notion provides a pre-built template for tracking Habits. The advantage of using a prebuilt template is that it provides more advanced functionality than the ones we build ourselves.

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Free Habit Tracker Template

A Notion template is a notion page that is shared publicly and can be duplicated by any notion user. Notion provides a free habit tracker template that you duplicate in your workspace and use it.

It allows you to add tasks and tick the task every day so that you don’t break the continuity of your habits throughout the year. You can tick/untick each task every day throughout the year. Ticking a task every day after the completion of the task gives a sense of accomplishment and motivation as well as it increases productivity oh yeah you can try out Productivity templates of notion.

If you are trying to build a habit tracker on the notion you should look at this template first. This template is very nice for tracking habits and you will save your time by utilizing the existing template.

[su_button url=”″ target=”blank” style=”bubbles” background=”#1633ff” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: paper-plane”]Habit tracker template[/su_button]


Therefore, it is very important for us to track our habits. And using Notion makes it easy for us to track them. You could create a tracker yourself within less than a minute or use a prebuilt template provided by the notion, Now go and create a habit tracker, and use it to practice good habits regularly and kill the bad ones.

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