How to create a Kanban Board In Notion?

It is a lot easier to create a kanban board. But before creating a kanban board, there must be a strong reason to create it.This article will guide you on whether you should really create a kanban board in notion, and how you can create it.

First, let me tell you what a kanban board really is?

What is a Kanban Board?

Kanban Board is created for breaking down tasks, looking at all the sub-tasks under task at once, and assigning deadlines to each subtask which will help you track your progress and maximize efficiency.It will allow you to see all the inner details and progress of the task which will give you a summary of what portion of the task is accomplished and what is left.

Traditionally, the kanban board consists of three columns ToDo , Doing, Done. ToDo section is for the tasks that need to be done. Doing section is for the tasks that are Work In Progress. and finally Done is for the tasks that are accomplished earlier.

How to Create a Kanban Board In Notion?

As I’ve said earlier, creating a Kanban board is easier than it sounds.

Step 1: First of all, create an empty page

empty page in notion

Step 2:After creating an empty page, choose the Board element from the Database

kanban board in notion

Step 3:It will create an appearance of something like this

kanban board appearence

[su_note note_color=”#fff5c7″ text_color=”#000000″]Note: The No Status column is of no use for the majority of people, so they hide it. You can also hide it by hovering on the No Status Column and Clicking the hide option from the context menu.[/su_note]

Step 4:As you can see, there are 3 columns on the board i.e; Completed, In Progress, Not Started.

Step 5:You can rename it just by clicking on the colored label.

Step 6:Once you click on the colored label, an input box will appear, type the new name there and click Done

Completed kanbanboard

Step 7:Rename Completed into Done, In Progress into Doing, and Not Started into ToDo.

Step 8:After renaming those, the appearance of the Board will be something like this

kanban board

Step 9:Now you can also re-order the section.

Step 10:To reorder the section, click on the label and hold it, and drag the section to your desired order.So we will reorder the section as such: Todo, Doing, and Done

Step 11:After reordering, the appearance of the board will be something like this

So now, let me tell you how you can add tasks to your Kanban board.

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How to add tasks to kanban board in notion?

Step 1:Adding tasks to the Kanban board is really simple. You just have to click on the “+ new” button.

Step 2:Now you can add the task directly to any section.

For example, If you want to directly add the task to the Done section, click the “+ new” button in the Done section.

Similarly in Doing and ToDo section.

Step 3:Let’s add some tasks to the section and see how the appearance of the board will be.

Adding task in kanban board

Step 4:We added a few tasks to each section. And see how beautifully it displays the tasks.

Changing the section of the task is easy. You just need to drag the task to another section.

Save Additional Details in Task

The board item not only allows to add simple tasks. But also allows adding additional details to the task.

Step 1:Click on one of the tasks you created on the board.

Save Additional Details in Task

Step 2:A big page will appear where you can edit as well as additional details of the task.

For example, let me add a description to this task.

Step 3:Click on Add a Property Option

propert option in kanban board notion

Step 4:Now I will enter the property name in the input box. i.e; description

Step 5:After adding the option, you will see an appearance as shown below


Step 6:You can see that the input field to add Description has been created. You can click on that field and add a Description there.

You can add as many additional fields as you want to add.

Assign the task to a user in notion on kanban board

Step 1:Click on the task and a page will appear. Click on the Assign option

assign task in notion

Step 2:Select a user you want to assign a task to. You can assign multiple users to a single task.

Step 3:After assigning the task to the user, the appearance of the task will become as shown below

multiple users

Step 4:The user profile picture and name will be shown just below the task. Showing users in the task allows others working on the same project to see which user is assigned to which tasks.

Adding Comment on Task on kanban board

Step 1:You can also comment on each task. You can have a discussion about the task in the comment section.

Adding Comment on Task

Important discussions like issues that arise when accomplishing tasks, details about the tasks, etc can be discussed in the comment section.

[su_note note_color=”#fff5c7″ text_color=”#000000″]Note: You can also add Icon, Cover Image in the task. Adding all these things will make the task look attractive and clear.[/su_note]

Should you create a Kanban Board In Notion?

The goal of the Kanban board is to increase productivity. If it increases your productivity after creating and using the kanban board, then you should obviously continue.

But if you feel like it’s a hassle, more work, or a tedious task then creating a kanban board for doing tasks does not make sense.Doing things because someone is doing them is not a good thing. You should only do things that work for you, that maximize your productivity or you can check Productivity templates for notion too.


Can you use Notion on your iPhone?

Yes, you can use notion on your iPhone too. Not only iPhone, but it also works on iPad, Android too.But it requires a certain version. Devices that came to market after the last 4 years easily supports the notion but it doesn’t support apple pencil in notion.

What is a board in Notion?

Board is a Notion element. It is mostly used for creating a progress tracker.

What is a Kanban Board in Notion?

Kanban board in Notion is a board that gives the glance of the overall task by breaking them into 3 sections(mostly) i.e; ToDo, Doing, and Done.

How do you make a Board View In Notion?

To make a board view in Notion. Type /board. But this time select /Board – Full Page.It will create a full-page board view instead of the inline board.

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