How to Add Weather Widget to Notion? (Step by Step Guide)

The Notion is a versatile all-in-one workplace that is used for note-taking & project management. The Notion is a potent productivity tool used for tons of purposes. Notion provides the necessary elements to write attractive notes. Thus, it is famous for writing journals, documentations, to-do lists, wiki pages, personal diaries, creating lists, habit trackers, professional resumes, and what else. The ease of converting the Notion page into pdf allows creators to write eyes appealing ebooks & courses in Notion. 

Notion handles all the tasks, so the user doesn’t have to use another platform for another job. You can create many pages in Notion and link the pages with each other, which makes Notion suitable for blogging.The Notion also provides a collaborative workspace to work with our team members. You can work hand-in-hand with your clients in the same workspace.

The notion page is divided into blocks. Each block is a notion widget. Widgets are the powerful components of the notion page that can be embedded to display various data attractively. Every element in Notion is a notion widget. Some examples of Notion widgets are Heading, Page, Bulleted Lists, Table, Calendar, To-do list, Callout, Calendar Database, Timeline Database, List Database, Gallery Database.

You can add diverse widgets in Notion. Widgets make Notion so appealing to creators, writers, bloggers, and content creators of all kinds who use writing as the main source of their content.

Unfortunately, Notion does not provide widgets to show Weather of places. So, you cannot add a widget from Notion itself. But there is 3rd party widgets provider for Notion.  

But we will be using Indify because of its popularity and ease.It is a free online tool that allows you to create widgets that integrate effectively into Notion. I will provide you step by step guide for creating a weather widget in Indify, customizing it to your needs, and embedding it in your notion page. 

How to display Weather in Notion?

To display the widget of weather in the notion page, follow this step-by-step guide

Step 1: Create an account in Indify:

Creating an account is very easy. You head over to, signup using google with just one click. If you want, you can sign up using email too.

indify homepage

Step 2: Create a new widget:

 Click on Add New Widget, and it will show you the list of available widgets. Indify offers variety of widgets like Calendars, Counters, Clocks, Quotes, etc.

weather in notion


Step 3: Select Weather:

 Click on Weather, and it will take you to the customization page, where you can customize the appearance and function of the widget. 


settings in indify

Step 4: Customize the settings to your need:

 On the left side, you can change location, unit of temperature to display, no. of days to display, background coloretc. 

embed weather in notion

Customize the widget and click the copy link button.


Step 5 :Open your Notion Page:

 Now, open your notion page and paste the link. After pasting, a context menu will appear. On the menu, click on create embed option. It will generate an embed of the weather chart

embed weather

[su_note note_color=”#0abf53″ text_color=”#000000″]  Note: You can add the Weather of any location in the world. [/su_note]


 After creating embed, it will show the Weather according to the configuration you made in the last step, which will look something like this:

how to add weather widget in notion?



Can i change weather widget of notion in android?

Yes you can change widget of notion in android too you need to follow above steps then you can add widgets in android too.

How to add widgets in notion?

If you want to add widgets then you need to open notion app>find the place where you want to add then type / (forward slash) > Choose first option.

Wrap up

Thats all for today i hope you learnt to add weather widget of anylocation in notion so,if you face any sorts of errors let us know we will try to fix it as soon as possible till then good bye and dont forget to share it with your friends.

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