6 Best Habit Tracker Templates In Notion

Human beings are creatures of habits. We cannot directly solve the problems life throws at us. Instead, we stack small habits on top of each other to create a system that solves the problem that arises in our daily life.

A person’s life is the combination of daily life rituals s/he performs. You can easily predict the future of a person by looking at their daily habits.

A person who is lazy wakes up late, does not eat the right food, does not exercises, does not read, binges news is sure to have a shitty life. In the same way, the person who wakes up early and puts on the work regularly and eats good food, exercises regularly, reads books and knowledgeable materials obviously has a very good quality of life and productive life.So, you have already known how critical a role our daily habits play in our life. So, it is extremely important for us to track our daily habits also don’t forget to checkout best Notion Todo List Templates.

Tracking daily habits is the first step to improving ourselves. Because when we start tracking our daily habits, we finally start to notice the pattern of good and bad habits in our life.Once we notice the pattern of our daily habits, we can kill the bad ones and add the good ones to our day.

Tracking habits can be done in two ways. One is on paper and another is on Digital Devices.The problem of tracking habits on paper is that it can get lost, we cannot get the summary directly.

Tracking habits on Notion solves those problems.

Track Habits On Notion

The notion is a versatile productivity tool that can be used for several purposes. We can use notion for writing notes, creating todos, tracking habits, writing books, creating reminders, writing blog posts, etc

Tracking Habits on the notion is extremely easy. Notion provides too much functionality to create an effective habit tracker. It allows us to create tables, add dates, add reminders, add notes, etc. Combining all those things can make a very powerful habit tracker which other web apps rarely can.

You can easily create a habit tracker on a notion. It only takes 2-3 minutes maximum to create a habit tracker.

Habit Tracker Templates In Notion

There are several habit tracking templates built by the notion as well as people using notions.

It is not compulsory to use templates, you can also create them on your own. However, if you want to use templates.

These are the top 6 best habits tracker templates on the notion:

#1 Habit Tracker by Notion:

Notion habit tracking template

This one is developed by the notion team themselves.It allows you to track habits in a single month. You can add any number of habits as much you want to track. At the end of the table, it shows the total number of times you checked the habits.

Once the month completes, you can start a new month by clicking the button at the top with the label Start a New Month.

You can also add notes at the end of the column. It can be useful for someone who wants to track their monthly habits. It is a basic version of a habit tracker.

#2 Habit Tracker Template By Notion

This template is created by the Notion team as well but it is little more than that.

There is also a Day Column that shows the week’s name. This change is not much but it still makes it look attractive.

Here is another column, which is screen time.

Screen time is also very critical to track. Excessive screen time can affect us very badly. However, the notion’s habit tracker allows us to track screen time. At the bottom of the Screen time, it shows the average screen time of the month.

I would use this template over the previous one because it has a nice UI and additional columns.

#3 Weekly Habit Tracker:

notion habit track

This is a weekly habit tracker. It was created by Thomas Frank. It allows you to track your habit on the basis of the week.

You have to start the new week by clicking on the button on the top with the label New Weekly Habit Tracker.

It also shows the Weekly Summary at the bottom of the page.

#4 Habit tracker by Vitor Rodrigues:

notion template for habit tracking

This Habit tracker unlike other trackers is very complex. This template offers different options for tracking your habits.

It has the same functionality as other habit trackers with date and checkboxes but it provides variety of options.You can track habits on weekly basis. You can also add habits on monthly basis.You can view the database of habits, where you can see all your tracked habits.

For beginners, I don’t recommend using this tracker as it provides many options. Many options can be confusing to beginners but for the intermediate, it is a versatile habit tracking template.

#5 Habit Tracker by Tailor Milliman

habit tracking template

This habit tracker is the same as other habit trackers except for one thing. Instead of showing the total number of checks on the bottom, it shows the total percentage of the time the habits were performed.

Besides that, it does not have much to offer.

Anyone wanting to see their progress in terms of the percentage can use this template.

#6 Habit Tracking By Zoe Chew:

This habit tracker is different. Anyone who doesn’t want to have checkboxes in the habits column can use them. You can add 1 and 0 in the column value. 1 denoting the accomplishment of habit and 0 denoting failing to accomplish.

This is a little messy process to track habits but you can use it if you like this template too.


How do you create a habit tracker in Notion?

A habit tracker is a combination of dates, habits, and checkboxes. Creating a habit tracker in notion takes less than 5 minutes. You need to create inline page and then add day and date then add column there you can add task it will enable you to to checkbox after that you can tick after completing.

Can you track habits in Notion?

Yes, of course, you can track your habits on the notion. The habit tracker is the combination of date, day, checkboxes, and habits.

Notion provides functionality to add them all.

What else can you track in Notion?

Not only habits, but you can also track your personal skill learning progress, project development progress, team progress, preparation progress on the notion. The notion can be used to do various tasks if used properly.

Why do habit trackers work?

Habit trackers work because they make us aware of our bad habits. They help us to recognize our good and bad habits. And once we are aware of them, we can remove our bad habits and continue performing the good habits.

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