Get One Way Links Easily

There are many ways to build links and get traffic at the same time. Link building helps your blog gain authority in search engines and high PageRank. However, it is getting quality links that remains a challenge.

Not all links carry equal value in terms of improving SEO and PageRank. The general consensus is that getting 1 high quality link from an authoritative blog is better than getting 100 links from forums. And a one-way, quality link is the most valuable of all.

How To Get One Way Links
Get One Way Links

Here are some methods beginner bloggers can employ but links are mostly low quality.

  1. Leave comments in high PR blogs in the same niche
  2. Submit your blog to directories
  3. Write a great testimonial for someone’s product
  4. Submit to article directories
  5. Submit posts to social bookmarking sites
  6. Link to articles in high profile blogs (trackback)
  7. Use the 3-way link strategy – 3 blogs link to each other one way.

Bloggers who are more aggressive can use the following methods which give high quality links.

  1. Create free WordPress theme
  2. Create free Wordpress plugin
  3. Guest post on popular blogs
  4. Interview a popular blogger
  5. Create linkbait – write a post other bloggers want to link to
  6. Buy a paid review
  7. Buy a paid link
  8. Hold a contest with a great prize
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