Get Ideas For Blog Content for writers

In a previous post, I mentioned several ways to write blog content – mainly from free and PLR articles. However to write more topical posts, you need other sources of information to work with for your blog posts.

Where To Get Ideas For Blog Content for writers
Get Ideas For Blog Content for writers

It’s often a good idea to blog about popular topics such as tips to make money online that people are searching for or some current news that everyone is talking about. It’s an almost guaranteed, foolproof way to get blog traffic.

Here are some places you can go to get ideas on what to blog about:

  1. Google Groups
    Many discussions go on at Google Groups bringing a diverse range of perspectives. Browse through the topics to read those relevant to your blog topic.
  2. Google Alerts
    Sign up for email alerts on topics you are interested in with options to be notified instantly, once a day or once a week. For example, if you enter blogging tips for beginners, you will get posts with these keywords. This service is extremely useful for targeted topics.
  3. Google Blog Search
    As the name suggests, it searches blogs only. Really great for searching for specific topics currently blogged about.
  4. Yahoo! Answers
    All kinds of questions get asked and usually answered at Yahoo! Answers on every topic under the sun providing a huge resource of ideas for bloggers.
  5. Google/Yahoo! News
    Google and Yahoo! News provide access to tens of thousands of press releases and news articles every day. Check out the “Most Popular” news section to pick a topic as these are the ones that bring blog traffic.
  6. Technorati
    Find out other bloggers are blogging about, see what are the most popular searches and write a relevant post based on that to get traffic. Technorati is one of the best sites to get the pulse of the blogosphere.
  7. is a bookmarking site where people use it to bookmark posts that they are interested in. Therefore it’s a great place to find out what topics to blog about.
  8. Digg
    Like Technorati, Digg is a great site to not only find out what topics people are searching for most, you can also see what videos and podcasts are the most popular.
  9. Reddit
    Reddit is another social bookmarking site where people submit their posts for bookmarking. Other members then vote on submitted posts which result in them getting more or less exposure.
  10. StumbleUpon
    For a good source of blog ideas, go to StumbleUpon’s “Buzz” page to see recently popular websites.

So as you can see, there are many resources you can turn to for ideas and topics. Writing a good post can lead to good quality one way links as other blogs link to your post. Do you use other tools to help you generate ideas? If you do, please share in the comments section.

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