Free Link Exchanges To Build Blog Traffic

Many internet and SEO experts think we should forget about building links by exchanging links. This is because compared to one way links, mutual link exchanges do nothing to improve search engine results and have no effect on PageRank.

Free Link Exchanges To Build Blog Traffic
Free Link Exchanges To Build Blog Traffic

Links exchanged are considered natural links and they bring in targeted traffic because keywords are relevant. Best of all, they are free and permanent if the other blog keeps its side of the bargain.
For these reasons, reciprocal link exchanges should not be abandoned.

However, there are several important guidelines to bear in mind when doing link exchanges so that you do not end up harming your blog.

  1. Exchange Links With Related Blogs
    Having thousands of links from irrelevant sites are of little use. You may get lots of blog traffic but these will be bounce traffic, that is traffic which leave almost as soon as they reach your blog and never return. Your aim is to get relevant traffic that will stay, read your blog and hopefully return.
  2. Exchanging Links With A Competitor
    You may want to consider carefully if the blog you want to exchange links with is a blog who is a direct competitor. Will linking to a such a blog bring more harm than good?
  3. Blog Traffic Potential
    Always try to exchange links with a blog which has higher or comparable traffic than yours so that you gain the benefit of higher exposure. An exception might be made where a blog is new but promising and you see the potential of high blog traffic in future.
    This is based purely on personal judgement since using tools like Alexa and PageRank or looking at link popularity are inaccurate and misleading.
  4. The Position Of Exchanged Link
    Know where your link will be placed. If your link is going to end up near the footer, then it’s not worthwhile doing the link exchange since your link is unlikely to receive any clicks due to poor visibility.
  5. Use Strong Anchor Text
    Instead of just putting the name of your blog as the anchor text to link, use descriptive keywords. This is not for search engines since these links have little effect on SERPs. Using relevant keywords help attract targeted blog traffic to click on your link to visit your blog.
  6. Check Exchanged Links From Time To Time
    Make it point to visit sites that you have exchanged links with to see if your links are still there. If you exchange too many links, you will be unable to keep tabs on all the sites even though there are automated software to keep track of links for you. Also your blog will become more like a directory with too many links.

Since these links have little or no effect on SERPs and PageRank, adding “nofollow” tags will keep your blog safely within Google’s linking policy.

Link exchanges should be done selectively with other blogs that are worth exchanging links with to help increase targeted blog traffic and not be done indiscriminately.

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