Does Notion Support The Samsung S Pen?

Samsung S Pen is the Special Pen that was introduced by Samsung. It is supported by Galaxy Note Series and is supported by some of the Galaxy Tabs as well.S Pen is very useful for drawing and stuff. Freewriting, Free drawing, and styling, anything which includes free art is done better with this pen.

samsung s pen

It is like using a pencil on paper. It has given artists to create NFTs of their drawing which is the current trend right now.S Pen must be charged before use. Charging it does not require a charger. Instead, insert it into the phone for 40 seconds, and it will be fully charged.

The notion is the most useful tool, creators, students, teachers come across in their lifetime.The number of features supports, and integrations it supports make it easy for anyone to do any task with it.The notion is the #1 Productivity tool and the only productivity tool you’ll ever need and don’t forget to read Best Notion Productivity templates. The most exciting thing is it provides most of the things for free.The notion can be used for various purposes but drawing is not one of them.

Can You Draw in Notion with the Samsung S Pen?

No, It is impossible to draw on Notion, because notion does not support free drawing as well as free writing.However, you can embed different types of drawing.

For example, you can create a drawing and save it on your device and import it into notion.But that has a drawback as well.

To edit that drawing, you need to edit the drawing and again import it into the notion. You cannot edit the drawing directly on the notion.Embedding the drawing on the Notion is too much of a hassle. You should use other apps that allow you to draw freely instead of Notion.

Although a Notion is a versatile tool, it has some limitations too in terms of free drawing and free writing.

Will Notion Add Support for the S Pen?

No, there is not any news about Notion adding Samsung S Pen support.The notion being a note-taking tool, has very less or no use of S Pen with it.S Pen is for free writing and drawing stuff.

And Notion does not support those things.So, I don’t think Notion is adding SPen support anytime sooner.

A notion is a productivity tool, not a drawing tool. It allows different activities that allow you to increase productivity but do not allow drawing.

Should I buy S Pen For Notion?

I don’t think buying S Pen just for using Notion is a good idea. Because there is only so much you can do with S Pen or Pen of any kind on Notion.

A notion is a note-taking tool and it does not make quite a sense to use Pen for taking notes.These Pen are mostly used for free artwork. And Notion does not have much support for Arts and Drawings.If it is just for Notion, then don’t buy S Pen.

But If it is for drawing on the Mobile, then surely S Pen is a very good idea. These`1 pens allow you to draw like Pencil on Paper also checkout Does Notion Support Apple Pencil?

Where Can I Draw With S Pen?

There are dozens of app that allows you to draw. You can S Pen there.

S Pen works best on drawing apps. Some of the apps are:

  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw
  • ArtFlow
  • dotpict
  • Ibis Paint

You can draw on this app, export the drawing and import it into the Notion. If you want to edit those images then you will need to edit them in the respective app and export them again and use it on Notion.

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