Does Notion Support Apple Pencil?

Apple pencil is a wireless pairing drawing tool that attaches magnetically and allows you to draw with pixel-perfect precision.It is obvious that it is compatible with Apple products such as Ipad, Ipad Pro, Ipad Air, etc

apple pencil The notion is a note-taking storage database that allows you to store graphic-rich notes with beautiful curation. Notion allows you to create beautiful notes which can be further converted into PDFs, Markdowns, HTML,change fonts according to your wish etc.It also allows you to collaborate hand-to-hand on the same notion file with other users. It allows you to accomplish the Project faster.

Using Apple Pencil with Notion sounds like a sexy idea but there are some limitations to it. As Notion is only for Note-taking, It doesn’t have support for free drawing yet.Apple pencil is mostly used for drawing, which in the case of Notion, is a bad idea.

Using Apple Pencils To Take Notes


You can take notes with an apple pencil, but not scribble on blank paper. You can only with Notion-provided elements like Text, Lists, Todo Lists templates. You can use an apple pencil to import the notion element but can’t perform free handwriting.

[su_note note_color=”#fff5c7″ text_color=”#000000″]Note: The notion does not allow handwriting yet.[/su_note]

Steps To Draw On Notion Using Apple Pencil

You cannot draw on Notion using an apple pencil. However, you can draw on other applications supporting apple pencils and import it in notion.

That is the only way supported to keep drawing made using apple pencil.

[su_note note_color=”#fff5c7″ text_color=”#000000″]Note:¬†You cannot edit the drawing which is imported on Notion directly. For that you should use the software used to draw those graphics, to edit them.[/su_note]


Can you draw in Notion using Apple Pencil?

No, you cannot draw on the notion. You must be using Notion-provided elements when working with notions. And currently, Notion does not provide any element that allows free drawing.

If Drawing is your priority, using other Apps will be beneficial to you instead of using Notion. The notion is solely based on Note-taking rather than drawing. There is only so much Notion provides in terms of dealing with graphics.

There are other apps that will allow you to exploit benefits provided by Apple Pencil

These apps are readily available on Apple Store.You create an appealing graphic on one of the above-mentioned apps. And you can easily import them on Notion.
However, if you have to change the graphic, you will have to edit it on the app, in which those graphics were created.So, it’s a hassle.

Will Notion add Handwriting Support for the Apple Pencil?

There is no official news from the notion in the public confirming the addition of Handwriting Support in the future. However, some creators who write about notion talk about that there is a probability of Notion adding that feature in the coming days.

Should you use Apple Pencil With Notion?

If you are about to use Apple pencil only for Notion, I don’t think that’s quite an idea. Apple pencil costs a handsome amount so, if there is not a compulsory necessity, I would not recommend buying it.

But If you have any thought of using the apps(mentioned above) which support Apple Pencil, then there is not any problem with that.


I personally think it is not a good idea to use an Apple pencil for Notion. But, in the coming future, if the notion adds support to Apple Pencil then it will be a very good combo.

The notion is a widely used tool. It is probable that it may add graphic support in the future which can be exploited using an Apple pencil.

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