How to Choose a Best Post Title in Blogging

How to Choose a Best Post Title in Blogging?

Selection of a best post title is the primary task that is done before writing a great post. The importance of choosing a suitable and best post title can never be overemphasized. In this post, some light would be put on selection of a post title. That post title will work to fulfill the task of both SEO and visitor attraction.

Essentials of a best post title.

There are certain characteristics of best post title. By best, suitable and attractive is meant. The post title must summarize the whole theme of your post. Try to squeeze all the ideas in your post title. Now days SEO has got immense importance. So, from the point of view of search engine optimization, title must have your keyword. The keyword has to be intelligently placed in post title. It is better to place keyword at the start of title.

How to Choose a Best Post Title in Blogging
Then another feature of this title is that it should be sufficiently long enough. This will serve many words and increase the chances of indexing. Do not limit the post title to 3 or 4 words.  A well chosen title will have many important words included in it.
Another consideration of a best post title is that it should not have stop words. Well this task is demanding. We face difficulties in avoiding stop words in post title. We usually use many stop words in our language. Stop words include words like ‘of’, ‘for’, ‘a’ etc. These words are not considered good in terms of SEO. Try to limit these words. You can do a little home work for choosing suitable post title. Use WordPress Plugins instead of Plugins of WordPress.
Avoid showy post titles. Many bloggers report that there top posts have one thing in common. These posts have titles in list form. For example, 5 WordPress themes that work. 7 things a blogger must avoid etc. These titles are starting from a number. The reason behind their high popularity is not understood fully.
These are some of the essentials of a best post title. Many other factors also contribute to post title perfection but these points are most important.

Useful tools to choose keywords for a Best Post Title

Most of the bloggers do not randomly select a post title. They do use some tools to refine and polish their keywords and add them in post title. Use Google Keyword planner to choose a keyword. It should then be placed in Title, URL and content of the post. Word tracker is also a very useful tool. Blogger also use software programs like Long tail pro.

Post Title and Search Volume of Search Engines

Search volumes of search engines present the power of a selected post title. Try different title and search them in search engines. You will see number of results available. Higher the number of search results lower will be your chance to get in top pages of Google. Similarly use this procedure for Bing and other top search engines.

In this search result we are getting 36 million results. As we add more words and refine our search terms for a suitable post title, this number will decrease.

So, we have added two more words in our search term which shows 2.6 million results. Lower the number means lesser competition. But obviously you can add more words to make a title suitable for the post.
In terms of numbers, consider two things.
  1. Keywords should have more searches over past time as shown in keyword planner.
  2. Post tile should have lower results when searched in Search engines.
Competition also has to be considered. Avoid titles and keywords with too much competition. Well, this all scheme applies for blogs that are new in the scenario and want to attract traffic through search engines. Obviously, it may not be the case when you have established readers base.


A post title has to be search engine friendly and attractive. Some factors have to be considered which are mentioned above. In short use long post titles containing keyword and having lower search competition.