Blogging Tips For Writers for A Good Post

A well written blog post with great content can be ruined by poor formatting. Making your post as readers friendly as possible is very important in keeping your readers.

 Blogging Tips For Writers for A Good Post
Blogging Tips For Writers for A Good Post

Here are some tips for beginner bloggers that sometimes even seasoned bloggers forget to keep in mind. They are key to writing a post that’s easy and inviting to read.

  1. The Headline
    The single most important part of a post is the headline. This is what sums up the gist of what the post is about. It is what makes readers decide if they want to continue to read the body copy or not.
    It’s best to keep the headline as straightforward as possible. Write it like a news headline – short and sharp and to the point – without any puns and trying to being clever.
  2. The Opening Paragraph
    Your first sentence should entice the reader to continue reading the second sentence. The second sentence should make the reader want to read the third sentence and so on.
    It is the introduction to the post and gives a summary of the post content. Remember to use keywords and phrases as anchor text links when possible but don’t force it.
  3. Use Subheads
    Subheads break up the post into easily digestible bite size information that makes reading easier. It also helps readers scan through the post quickly to get a feel of what’s being discussed.
  4. Use Paragraphing
    Again this makes reading easier by having line spacing in between chunks of text. Use paragraphing generously.
  5. Write Short Sentences
    Keep sentences short and break up long sentences into 2 separate sentences. Two shorter sentences get the message across better than a long sentence filled with commas.
  6. Use Numbered Lists
    Formatting your post using numbered lists makes reading easily digestible. Lists are easier to scan through quickly than a paragraph filled with commas.
  7. Use Images: Images draw attention to your post even if the image doesn’t have much to with the post topic. Of course, it would be good if the image supports or enhances the message of your post. There are many places to get free images online. Just do a Google search for “free stock images”.
  8. Do Spell Check
    Lastly but no less importantly, do a spell check of your post before publishing it. Read through it one more time after publishing just to check if the actual post is errors free.

And there you have it. 8 common sense but often overlooked tips on how to make a post more inviting to read.

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