Best Way To Sell Affiliate Products on blog

Selling affiliate products on your blog seems an easy enough way to earn money blogging. You simply blog about a products’ plus points and what you don’t like about it. At the end of the post, include an affiliate link for your readers to check out the product. If they buy it, you get a commission.

However, successful affiliate sales is not quite that simple. Often, affiliates pick a product randomly to try and sell it only to find that no one is buying.

Best Way To Sell Affiliate Products on blog
Best Way To Sell Affiliate Products on blog

With a little research and keeping in mind the pointers listed below, you’d have a much better chance of success with affiliate marketing.

  1. Find markets where people are not used to affiliate marketing.
  2. Markets such as ringtones and dating are OVER saturated and thus difficult to make a sale.
  3. Affiliate marketing that use the standard techniques of squeeze pages, email marketing, sales pages and testimonials tend to be less effective since these are so over exposed.
  4. Higher blog traffic numbers do not necessarily convert into higher sales.
  5. Write a review that highlights a problem your reader may have and provide the solution – the product.
  6. Promote many products many times in different posts to get sales.
  7. Promote products that give you recurring income instead of a one-off commission.
  8. Promote high priced products that have high commissions.
  9. Build an email list to sell directly and for speedy response.
  10. Use a combination of blogging, email marketing and reviews to get sales.

Common Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing

  1. Using banners as sole marketing tool.
  2. Copying and pasting promotional content as a blog post – sales copy doesn’t make good blog content.
  3. Over-praising a product comes across as a thin disguise to make readers part with their money.
  4. Promoting too many products which can turn off readers.

Once you manage to successfully implement all these points and made your first sale, it gets easier. The key is to keep on trying and testing different things to see which method makes money online for you. Sometimes the best advice arises from learning what works and what doesn’t since not every programme works the same way for everyone.

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