Best Notion Daily Journal Templates

The notion is a versatile productivity tool. It allows you to accomplish your tasks faster, track your progress, and keep journals of your daily activities. Notion can be used to do various tasks, Journaling is one of them.

Journaling is very important if you want to succeed faster in your life, soothe your mental health, achieve your goals faster.

You can keep track of your goals, talk about your daily activities, write down what you recently learned in your journal. Writing down things makes you remember them for a long time and also lets you go through them after many years. Now writing journals can be done in two ways; one is on paper and another is on digital medium.

The disadvantage of writing on paper is it can be erased by physical damage, can be lost if not kept properly. You also have to go through it manually if you want to read a journal of a certain date. So it is a hassle.

However, you can write journals on the digital medium can be advantageous. You can access it from anywhere, protect it with a password, and it will never be lost unless you actually delete it manually. Writing online can also help you share it with others so you can get feedback and improve your writing skills. There are many platforms online to write your daily journal.

The notion is one of them. I prefer notion for various reasons. One is because of its smooth UI and UX, it is very easy to use and it also provides a lot of features for writing notes, journals, and so on.

Journaling is a task that cannot be done better on any platform other than Notion. A notion is a productivity tool. A productivity tool that helps you accomplish your tasks faster, take notes and track progress along the way.

Journaling can be best done on Notion because it provides many features which are expected when writing or maintaining a journal online.

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Best Notion Daily Journal Templates

You don’t actually need templates for writing daily journals but if are new to the notion, I would suggest you use one prebuilt template.

#1 Weekly Agenda:

The weekly agenda lets you add tasks on each day of the week. This is what the weekly agenda looks like.

Click on the Duplicate button on the top right side to duplicate this template. As you can see you can colorize some tasks for reminding you of their priority level.

#2 Bullet Journal:

Bullet Journal is a bit advanced template for journaling. If you are new to the notion, it will take some time for it to be easy to use.

You can add tasks directly into the calendar. You can set the different themes for the year, so you remind yourself what are the most important things you want to work on the current year.

#3 Simple Journal Template

The author of this template is Nick Lafferty. This template offers two options, the first is Daily Template and the latter is Weekly Template.

You can add your daily summary in the first one and weekly in the second one. You can view all your entries by clicking on All Entries. 


How Do I Create Daily Journal In Notion?

There are multiple templates for creating a daily journal in notion, you can select and use one of them easily.

Can You Use Notion As A Journal?

Yes, Notion can be used as a journal. You can create a page that links all the single pages of journals.

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