3 Biggest Blogging Tips for Beginners – 2020

So you have got yourself a good domain name and found a reliable web host and done all the necessary steps to set up your WordPress blog.

As you are writing content for your blog, there are 3 important factors to bear in mind to prevent your posts from sinking into oblivion. Blog marketing is effective only when you succeed in attracting potential readers to your blog with good content and turning them into regulars.

3 Biggest Blogging Tips for Beginners - 2020
Blogging tips
  • Keep The Primary Goal Of Blogging In Mind : The main reason you are writing a blog must be to provide useful information. If you are writing posts with the only goal to make money online, you are most likely to fail because your blog will show that and no one will be interested to read it.
    When you are focussed on your primary goal to create useful information, the other benefits of promoting your blog come naturally – branding, lead optimization, increased blog traffic and ultimately, money.
  • Maximize Promotional Opportunities Of Blog Marketing: Articles that are useful and entertaining attract readers and articles that are keyword optimized give better search engine results.
    Using keywords strategically without overdoing it is an effective way to promote your blog. Using anchor text links in articles is an effective way to get higher ranking.
  • Don’t Rush Through A Post Resulting In Content That Is Not Useful To Readers: Often when writing articles, back links, keywords and how much traffic – and consquently how much money we can make – dominate our writing process. Instead of trying to push out as many posts as possible in the hope of getting more links and traffic, it is way more important to ensure content quality rather than quantity.
    Readers and publishers are selective when choosing which blogs to read simply because there is such an overwhelming amount of information on the internet. Sometimes, all it takes is one well-researched and written article to get a popular blog with a hundred thousand readers to potentially bring on an explosion of traffic to your blog.

It ultimately goes back to the basics of a blog: GOOD CONTENT. Once there is good content, everything else will eventually fall into place.

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