10 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks

There are probably more than 10 reasons why your blog sucks. And it’s not even that your blog content is lousy.

What’s worse is that you may not even be aware that you are slowly but surely killing off your blog.

10 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks
10 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks

Are you guilty of driving away rather than attracting blog traffic with these actions?

  1. You Have Lots Of Ads To Make More Money
    Remember that readers visit your blog for your articles, not the ads. Control the number of ads displayed and keep them non-animated. Nothing drives away readers more than having distracting banners that keep flashing when you are trying to read an article.
  2. You Love Putting Widgets On Your Blog
    There are widgets to increase blog traffic, sell affiliate products to make money and ask for donations. Then there are link exchange badges with directories and social communities like MyBlogLog. These only serve to clutter up your blog.
    If you really feel like showing off your blog traffic and blog ranking then by all means do so but just remember that these widgets bring marginal benefit to your blog but do not provide any value to your readers at all.
  3. Internal Links On Your Blog Do Not Go Where They Say
    When linking internally, make your anchor text relevant to the post it is linking to. For example, if my anchor text is increase one way links, I would link to an article that talks about link building and not to some irrelevant page.
    Visitors often land on pages other than your homepage. Having links to other pages encourages them to explore your site. Internal links also have positive SEO effects. A popular page with lots of incoming links passes on some of its link value – popularly called link juice – when it links to other less popular pages in your blog.
  4. You Use White Text On Dark Background
    Dark coloured text on a light background is more legible. Reading white or coloured text on a dark background for long periods of time leads to eyestrain. It could be fine for blogs that are more image-based with short posts but for long articles, it’s a definite no-no.
  5. You Post In Solid Text Blocks
    This drives readers away faster than you can say “eye strain”. Give generous spacing to your text and use proper subheads, paragraphing and lists where appropriate to make reading easier. See this list of blogging tips on how to turn a good post into a great one by making it more reader-friendly.
  6. You Tend To Wander Off-Topic
    Readers visit your blog because they are interested to read articles related to your blog topic. If your blog is about making money online, keep to relevant topics. Even complimentary topics such as building a better blog or how to promote your blog and increase blog traffic are fine.
    You could probably even get away with a totally irrelevant post once in a while since your readers are not likely not abandon you if you made a post about being on vacation.
  7. You Blog Only When You Feel Like It
    In the beginning, posting frequency should ideally be at least once a day. After there is a good depository of articles, you could ease off a little to posting several times a week provided articles maintain their quality. If there are few new posts, readers will eventually stop coming to your blog.
  8. You Don’t Get What The Fuss RSS Is About
    Have your RSS feed button or email subscription option prominently placed so that readers cannot miss it. Repeating the RSS feed options at the end of every post reminds readers to subscribe.
  9. Your Blog Doesn’t Have A Search Box
    Your readers may want to search for a particular topic or look for a post they read previously that no longer appears on the sidebar. Or they may want to follow up on a comment made on an old post. Put your search box in a prominent place.
  10. Your Blog Doesn’t Have A Dedicated Archive Page
    An archive by month and date is not user friendly. In fact, it’s quite pointless to have it on the sidebar since hardly anyone searches by date. It would be better to have a separate page that lists archive posts by titles so that readers can scan through posts easily.

If your blog is guilty of any of these crimes, it’s still not too late to make changes for the better. Clean up your blog and make reading it more of a pleasure for your readers.

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